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Make mistakes, one by one.



The nest made of gold, Bex&Art









Un matin d’or fin

Olivier Estoppey – Sculptor Artist

Architecture in Photography

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If you enjoy photographic blogs, you will certainly enjoy Fakeormistake. The work of Frédéric Jean Biver presents photos through the eye of an architect and the lens of a photographer.

Frédéric Jean Biver is an architect who has been practicing his trade in the UK and Switzerland for the past 11 years. He doesn’t do a job without his camera. He takes every opportunity to take photographs.


In parallel to his professional career, Frédéric Biver investigated himself the art of photography since 1991. In the public communal photo laboratory he developed the analog black and white photography technics. Since 2000 he added digital photography and used it to gain more experience in the graphical aspect of photography adding color to his repertoire.

With iphonography, he used day to day opportunity to experiment further the graphical approach to photography.

“Textures, colors, and graphical attributes vs content became more and more…

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*NEW* The ebook “Fakeormistake” about graphic photography by Frédéric Biver available now!

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“fake or mistake” is a photographic journey drawn from a very broad range of captures. The intuitive approach between pictured content and graphical attributes leads to cross dependencies, visual analogies, story telling combinations and overlapping transparencies. In other words, so-called fakes or mistakes in the resulting perception of dual picture combinations. Based on an ongoing process of playful research, this book summaries a range of momentary conclusions in graphical photography.