L1020813A L1020397 DSCN5478 ©fredericbiver-9 DSC_0883A


L1040731A L1040587A tate-DSC_0073 ©fredericbiver-2044 L1030472AA 20140311-202654.jpg 20140112-134514.jpg 20130515-213524.jpg 20121110-132745.jpg ©fredericbiver-2346 20120617-161118.jpg 20120213-090233.jpg

20140120-200406.jpg 20140119-222313.jpg 20140209-173503.jpg  20131210-224132.jpg  20130623-213615.jpg 20130406-170226.jpg 20130213-210428.jpg IMG_5575 ©fredericbiver-4625 ©fredericbiver-6330 ©fredericbiver 20120703-123102.jpg  20120306-091729.jpg 20120311-181116.jpg 20120216-213020.jpg 20120216-213044.jpg 20120216-213055.jpg 20120207-223247.jpg

80 thoughts on “RED

  1. Nice! I’m a chromatic snob, so I only count the blue-reds as red. The rest are just red-wannabe dark oranges. But all are throbbingly potent.

    Nice eyeball avatar, by the way. Kinda follows you around the room. The gaze, not the eyeball. Ew.

  2. I really adore the geometries of your photography. The x, the arrow picture, the alley and the bridge – not only is the red theme very poignant, but each picture has a flow and naturally draws the eyes down playing paths that extend beyond the boundaries of the picture.

  3. Nice photos and a great idea for a theme. Have you ever seen Krzysztof Kieslowski’s film, “Three Colors: Red”? It is a trilogy and in the final one every scene has the color Red in it somewhere.

  4. I like the tension created by the lines and the disruption of the color red. In the end, it is not beauty that makes a good photo, it is the tension and mystery that is present.

  5. I actually can’t stand the color red but, seeing it through these myriad of ways is quite fantastic. Great job!

  6. Reblogged this on The Process and commented:
    Feast your eyes on a lovely group of photographs featuring the color red. This would be an interesting study in any medium. How about trying to make a group of (insert your color here) images in different or mixed media? Collage some, photograph some, and paint some, for example. Pay attention to how this study feels in each medium. What does the color say to you while painting it? Photographing it? (Insert your medium here) it? Let me know what you think!

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