zugarramurdi witches cave – Sorginen leizeak



Sorginen leizeak 

In the western Pyrenees, past Baztan and just a short distance from the French border, lies Zugarramurdi, the village of witches.
It passed into history as the setting of alleged occult activity featured in the infamous Basque witch trials held in Logroño in the seventeenth century.
The witches met actually outside the cave in the place of Berroskoberro.
Some say that the goat talked to its worshippers from a hole in the stone outside the cave.



The river of “hell” crosses along the centre of the cave.
It has been eroding the floor of the cave for centuries, the ceiling of the cave is already 12 metres high.







 The name of the cave derives from the meadow at the entrance of the cave.
Akelarre used to be celebrated there.
Further the river follows a deep gorge called “the cave of the witches”.


Inside the cave, the widest part measures 120 metres.


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