fakeormistake hosts the weekly photo challenge (wordpress daily post): dialog

Dialogue is an engaging conversational exchange.


When it comes to photography, Dialogue can be perceived as a consensual interaction between two photographs.

Through dialogue, each photograph opens expressions that are very different from their own.

Each composition reveals the author’s specific sensitivity about certain content or graphical aspects.

In these examples, i am following up this concept in getting pictures to talk to each others.

In an intuitive approach, I consider content and graphic attributes of pictures and get some resonance,

cross dependencies, visual analogies, story telling combinations and overlapping transparencies.

You will “read” them together in a dialogue.

Call it fake or mistake, the resulting perception is your own doing!

fakeormistake-dialogue sample-fbi_Page_11fakeormistake-dialogue sample-fbi_Page_10fakeormistake-dialogue sample-fbi_Page_08fakeormistake-dialogue sample-fbi_Page_07fakeormistake-dialogue sample-fbi_Page_06fakeormistake-dialogue sample-fbi_Page_05fakeormistake-dialogue sample-fbi_Page_03fakeormistake-dialogue sample-fbi_Page_04fakeormistake-dialogue sample-fbi_Page_02fakeormistake-dialogue sample-fbi_Page_09fakeormistake-dialogue sample-fbi_Page_12

7 thoughts on “fakeormistake hosts the weekly photo challenge (wordpress daily post): dialog

  1. this was a tough challenge – but fun to come up with something. enjoyed your examples as well, especially the unlikely pairs which actually really do connect on second glance, such as the oranges and what looks like a canvas wall, as well as the rocket and the flowers. very clever. am inspired to keep playing in the future 🙂

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