4 thoughts on “fauna

  1. Relationship between the hunter and the hunted, but apparently the hunter is missing, empty boots, empty water can. Who wins in the end? No body. Colors complimentary. Light, almost blending into the environment. Naked beauty of the snail which takes its time.

  2. Cleanliness, clarity, exactitude, and linguistic/visual connectedness. You comb the landscape for compositions/combinations that represent snide association. Everything for you is about the hidden whole amid seeming disassociation. In all these fragments is a central aesthetic core that has to do with the values in color, line, and form. I am sure you and I agree on the importance of language, as symbols for existential meaning. You enjoy pause/silence. You see humor in these images, but also the underdog (snail), how mother nature will win in the end. You see the sleeping person, while the snail continues on its way. You see the beauty in the muted colors and the decadence. Your font is san serif.

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