recommending “sarmad”


Sarmad is a short dance film about a woman named Shirin who embarks on a journey of self-discovery after getting lost in the desert. 
She comes across a mysterious blue creature who bestows upon her the power to dance. What begins as a joyful ritual quickly descends into a painful struggle for survival as the creature gradually takes over.

Sarmad was chosen as the title of the film referring to the endless cycle in the story’s looped structure. It is an Arabic word used mainly within the context of faith, meaning Eternal or Everlasting.


Choreographer/Dancer: Shireen Talhouni 
Director/Director of Photography: Ali Saadi 
Producer: Majd Hijjawi 
Garment design and Art Direction: Jordanna Andrews
Editor: Ali Saadi
Composer: Pouya Ehsaei
Still Photographer: Melissa Cumberland
Assistant Camera: Ahed Hijjawi
Gaffer: Salem Khosa 
Grip: Zaid Khosa 
Graphic Designer: Omar Zo’bi

Production Company: Labiba Productions

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