“Nothing is a mistake.


 There’s no win and no fail,


there’s only make.”


John Cage



“Art is for free”




Photography shown here has a content and a graphical identity.


I frame views ,  perspective.

Content, Graphics.


Eventually one dominates.

I combine related images.

I create  a resonance,

a story.


To me Photography is a balance.

It is a complement.

It is using another muscle, moving in another media.


It is a very intuitive approach.

So it is an addiction.


On fakeormistake.net, I share the products of this addiction.

It documents an ongoing experimentation.

Plenty of mistakes!


Or a conclusion to each step of my graphical curiosity.




I am an architect,

and an active photographer..


Hope this gives an idea of who what and why.





Published “fake or mistake” 2011 limited edition

Published “fake or mistake” 2012 – 2nd edition available in: books


Magazines Publications:

Batidoc (Architecture magazine, Switzerland)



has been featured on:





“RED” – may 2014

“Cut out scene” – July 2014



Featured E Magazine:

“eye-of-an-architect-through-the-lens-of-a-photographer” – August 2014


the Daily Post

Hosted the weekly photo challenge @ the Daily post.com  –  Dialog – August 2014


Featured on

Xaxor.com September 2014







Frédéric Biver

architect & photographer





All photographies, images and graphics on this site are created by Frédéric Biver and are the copyrighted work of Frédéric Biver . Thanks for your interest


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      1. Oh.. je vois.. le meme genre de specimen que j’ai adopté comme mari :P Au plaisir de suivre ton blog et de se trouver ici ou là! Belle journée à toi!

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