“Nothing is a mistake.


There’s no win and no fail,


there’s only make.”

John Cage

“Art is for free”



I am an architect,


 since 11 years in UK and Switzerland,


and an active photographer.



The photography shown here has a content and a graphical identity.


I frame views not only from a content point of view but in a graphical approach as well.


Eventually one dominates the other.


I combine related captures.

I create a resonance, a story.


To me Photography is a balance.

It is a complement.

It is using another muscle, moving in another media.

It’s like walking versus swimming.

It is a mise en scène through perceived subjectively, a combination of content and graphical attributes.

It is a very intuitive approach.

So it is an addiction.


On fakeormistake.net, I share the products of this addiction.

Plenty of mistakes, but always a step further.


fakeormistake is an ongoing logbook.

It’s relating day to day experimentions and practice.


A conclusion to each step of my graphic curiosity.

It documents an ongoing experimentation.


It is the media which structures the material i produce.


Hope this gives an idea of who what and why.



Here the story:

Ongoing competitions:



Published “fake or mistake” 2011 limited edition

Published “fake or mistake” 2012 – 2nd edition available in: books

a new BooK? >>> rising Fall 2014!!!



fakeormistake.net has been featured on:




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Thank you for your support!! 

Come back for more!

Frédéric Biver
architect & photopresseur
currently in CH
All photographies, images and graphics on this site are created by Frédéric Biver and are the copyrighted work of Frédéric Biver .


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