on the way, letting go


on the way


©fredericbiver-0980 DSC_0277AAhttps://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/on-the-way/

10 thoughts on “on the way, letting go

  1. All of us tied together by a string and then thrown over a wire, as you say, we are on our way over a bridge, shoeless, at the end of a journey, and sometimes those watching don’t understand the argument we make, which is that alone we often do not have what it takes. So we throw ourselves over and into something we know we cannot possibly succeed. How can we fix what we know we cannot and has been broken for sometime?

  2. I’m wondering about the meaning of the shoe over there.. We have some here as well, I heard it signs the presence of gangs, marking their territory?..

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